10 Amazing Secret Sexy Superhero Body Paint Cosplays

10 Amazing Secret Sexy Superhero Body Paint Cosplays

Posted by Diego Diablo on Jan 29th 2018

Here are 10 Amazing Secret Sexy Superhero Body Paint Cosplays

Here are some of my unreleased and unpublished work of body art. This is a series of body paintings that I have made over the years and I want to share with you the superhero themed body art. Comic art is huge now and if you know a nerd and want to make them freak themselves then you want to dress up as a sexy superhero. But hey why not just paint your costume on yourself! Attain a whole new level of sexy, dont worry about the nerd this is a one in a lifetime thing. These girls are super stoked fans and are super confident with there bodies. They love to walk around in just paint. Its awesome and amazing if you can appreciate these great bodies walking around in just paint. 

Nevermind the reasons, these sexy ladies are hardcore fans and decided to show there love of comics and cosplay to bare it all and have there amazing bodies painted in amazing colors. These crime fighting beauties are ready for action! they put the fun back into to fighting crime and showing there sexy talented curves. Being a superhero has become a truely personal and intimate thing with them.

10. Storm Trooper

star wars storm trooper Cosplay

this actually might be the droid you are looking for ;) this beauty is ready to fight the rebel scum and stomp them into the ground!

9.Storm trooper fighter - (another pic cause I love Star wars!)

Sexy star wars storm trooper Cosplay by diego diablo

this babe is showing some skin and I dont think these are the droids you are looking for. ;)

8. D.va Overwatch

Wow! its hard to believe there is paint on her these girls are really naked! But I am also happy to paint an amazing piece of art on these ladys and I dont think to much about it. Overwatch is such a sweet game and I am a fan there is no wonder why its on the list. D.va is such a babe so I had a great babe play her. Any gamer fan would appreciate this work of art. ;)

6. Suicide squad - Jared Letto joker and that other girl

Sexy Joker suicide squad 2 girls body paint

5. Spirited Away

Spirited Away body paint sexy art

spirited away

5. The Predator

The Predator Body Paint girl

4. The Flash

the Flash Body Paint sexy

3. Boba Fett

Boba fett star wars body paint nude

2. Utron -  Marvel Comics Avengers

Comic ultron sexy body paint

1. X-men Magneto

Sexy Magneto Body Paint