Custom Painted Fortnite Vans

Custom Painted Fortnite Vans

Posted by Diego Diablo on Jul 7th 2018

Custom Painted Fortnite airbrushed Vans

I custom painted these one of a kind fortnite vans available in my online shop. hand made and hand painted on these authentic vans for fortnite gaming and gamers. fortnite battle royale is one of my favorite games for the playstation, pc, and xboxone live! So I wanted to paint these. Jump into these fortnite battle royale shoes for gamers and see this quick timelapse video of how these custom airbrush shoes are made. Learn some quick painting tips on my youtube channel.

Airbrush painting these was fun and a little tricky to make paint on these vans. the 3rd person shooter video game has been an epic big hit!add your own custom characters too! Nevermore, berserker,bullet storm, centurion, commando , demolisher, raider, Sergeant, shock trooper, special forces, Survivalist, Urban assault, master Grenadier, and more!

custom fortnite vans artwork

fortnite vans airbrush shoes

fortnite vans shoes Nevermore

fortnitfortnite vans back of shoe