Video: How To Airbrush A License Plate The Right Way

Video: How To Airbrush A License Plate The Right Way

Posted by Diego Diablo on Jan 27th 2018

How To Airbrush A custom joker License Plate The Right Way

Here are 4 quick tips on how to airbrush a custom painted joker license plate from start to finish. I hope that these tips will help you make some sweet license plates of your own. 

joker joker hood

# 1 Prepping the license plate

Prep the license plate by first cleaning it off with soap or water. you can also use mineral spirits or a pre-clean to get off all the contaminants,smudges and finger prints for a smooth surface. 

# 2 Sanding the car tag

 scuff the license plate with a scotch bright pad. this gives the plate a coarse surface to paint on so the paint will stick properly. also this helps when clear coating so the plate lasts forever. 

#3 airbrush your design or template on the plate

Make sure the template is flush on the plate and sticks properly. you can use a spray adhesive also to ensure its stable. once the design is clean you can airbrush the remaining art and design. brush off any light dust marks and then clear coat the plate. 

#4 clear coat it using 2-3 layers

the first layer is a light mist to give the plate a tacky feel. the Second layer is a stronger mist and full wet coat to give it a uniform high gloss and lock in all of the airbrush color. 

Airbrush joker shirt custom painted


Airbrushing license plates can be tricky but they dont have to. With a little time and practice you can custom paint your own amazing works of art on some metal, steel or any hard surfaces! Now go out and make some awesome art!

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