Video | WHY MOST BEGINNER ARTISTS DON'T SUCEED : art tips and inspiration

Posted by Diego Diablo on Jan 11th 2018

This is advice and tips from Diego Diablo as a professional artist over over 15 years. some of the tips and advice I can give for future artists students, kids and beginners. these are some art challenges that we face and we must learn to challenge ourselves more everyday as artists.

Airbrush used: iwata eclipse hp-cs Airbrush PSI: 25 psi My name is Diego Gonzalez and I am a self taught airbrush artist. i learned all of my airbrushing skills from watching airbrush action dvds , reading airbrush actions magazines as well as other airbrush books and online videos. I studied art and painting at the Herron school of art and design and I have a BA in Graphic design.





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