Boba fett star wars custom ps4 controller

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$6.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
playstation 4
7-10 days

This is a custom boba fett ps4 controller shell. these are amazing hand painted controllers. For any marvel superhero gamer fans the star wars boba fett controller is a one of a kind original piece of art. This is NOT a sticker. Its airbrushed with a customized skull pile design and is real paint. Your gamer will love this. This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves custom playstation gear. cool gamer controllers.

The best part?

  • each ps4 controller is original and painted one of a kind artwork
  • every custom ps4 controller is clear coated with high grade auto paints
  • customized the controller shell own idea or unique design
  • star wars boba fett art around the main design. painted with gamers in mind.
  • includes front/back  Playstation 4 shell parts
1 x Upper Case
1 x Lower Case
1 x Guide Button
1 x Share Button
1 x Options Button
1 x Action Button Set
1 x D-pad Button
1 x Touch Pad Cover
1 x Home Button
1 x R1 Button
1 x L1 Button
1 x R2 Button
1 x L2 Button
2 x Analog Thumbsticks
1 x Phillips Screwdriver
(The PS4 Controller is not included! )
You need to take apart your PS4 controller to install this shell
Use the Screwdriver that we offered.
Many professional installation guide video on YOUTUBE. Easy to get.
This PS4 shell fits perfectly for PS4 controller version A. And it needs some modifications to fit Version B.Check the picture belows: