Copy of Rick and morty Converse High top shoes

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Converse High top
7-10 days

Rick and morty Converse High top shoe.airbrush rick and morty adult swim high top canvas shoes. These are a limited edition Converse Series of Rick and Morty artwork. Rick and Morty travel through time and space to reach the edge of the cartoon universe. these shoes are RARE and art airbrush hand painted by Diego Diablo one of the top graffiti artists in chicago and the the #1 airbrush artist in Chicago! these are some wicked detailed designed artwork.

  • Rick and morty airbrush converse design
  • Bright vivid airbrush hand painted colors
  • high quality Vibrant paints!
  • Sealed with paint sealer to insure long life of custom painted converse shoes
  • one of a kind shoes! no shoe is alike!
  • this is hand painted
  • spray painted airbrush art
  • adult swim series of custom art
  • perfect gift idea for Rick and morty fan!
  • email me for a new custom design or custom colors