Custom Automotive painted Batman buick riviera 1963

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Automotive Paint:
Airbrush art on car hood

Custom Automotive painted Batman Car

Airbrush batman, the joker, Cat woman and Robin airbrushed on a car automotive panel. One of a kind airbrush and clear coated design. This is a hand painted custom painted automotive car paint. High end airbrush detail art on a car. This is a one of a kind detailed custom painted airbrush car. i use special automotive pearl paint on a steel car hood and panel. This is a custom painted flames in black on the car hood. The hood is airbrushed with a sexy pinup cat women marvel comic art design and artwork. I airbrushed the custom buildings in the background and true black flames on the car hood. Robin is airbrushed on the car hood swinging in with his classic cap and robin marvel mask. This id painted on the hood of a buick riviera 1963.

The Riviera name had been used by Buick since the early 1950s for various prestige versions of existing models, right through a large top-of-the-line six-window 1962 Electra 225 hardtop. The crisply styled, ground-up design that debuted 1963 was Buick's first unique Riviera model.

  • clear coated to last
  • high detail auto airbrush paint
  • custom car hood and trunk painted design
  • airbrush high detail car detail artwork
  • spray painted custom art on a white 1963 buick
all work is guaranteed and clear coated with high quality clearcoat

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