Dragon ball z shoes hand painted airbrush canvas sneakers

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$7.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

These airbrush shoes are custom painted canvas shoes, They are low profile shoes Vans style and you can buy them in Vans or the basic brand. this shoes features a detail painting of goku Son from the anime show dragon ball z.  These custom painted shoes feature goku flying across a blue sky background with the eternal dragon balls surrounding him. Dragon ball z fans will love this goku super Saiyan airbrush design. Goku has the bright blue saiyan eyes that proves that he a the superhero that everyone remembers not that Blue goku. But if you want I can paint that character too. I watch alot of anime and I know that any DBZ fan will love you for this! No one will have shoes like these and its a perfect addition to any goku fan. I can even pain Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillen, cell, buu, bardock, trunks, and master roshi.

  • airbrush shoes are custom painted all around
  • airbrushed in high quality automotive paints
  • custom shoes are sprayed with a clear protective coating and repellent
  • featuring goku on the front part of the shoes toe and painted designs on the shoe tongue
  • shoes ship in 5-7 days
  • shoes can be customized with custom name and colors
  • airbrush shoes come in both adult and kid sizes